What I Offer

Sky Wisdom Session​

In a session we look at your chart together and tap into the potential transformations that the planets represent. My focus during a session is to highlight current challenges and ways of deeper self embodiment through the lens of the chart. To help you understand the deeper meaning and cycles in your life that underlie your challenges and to help you see parts of yourself that were dormant and are needing to be seen and held by you. It is during the session that we will work towards integration of these parts, so that a deep transformation and healing can take place. I see the chart as a tool for this integration, not the answer itself.

Single Session

Currently it is possible to book a single chart session in which we will discuss the most important patterns in your chart and how they have played a role in your life. Depending on how many questions you have and how deep you want to go, it is also possible to book follow up sessions.

€ 165,- / 1,5 hours


Or you can book my 1 on 1 program which consists of one session every other week of 1,5 hours and (voxer (similar to WhatsApp)) support in between for 3 or 6 months. The first session will be the same as a single chart session in which we dive into your chart and we can discuss the main themes. The following sessions we dive deeper into these themes and look at current transits of the planets and how they play a role in your life.

€ 900,- / 3 months
€ 1800,- / 6 months

Every session is a blend of sky wisdom and coaching. I’ll be your guide into all the different insights that you can gain from the planets and the stars in the sky, but the real work begins when you go inside and we shine light on the hidden places inside yourself.

Tuning into the stars and the planets allows you to tune back into the deep inner rhythms of your lives. This is a wisdom that is lost to many people. We live busy lives in a world that seems to be always on and running. Our minds often want so many things and it creates a whole plan for our life, but often a plan that is completely out of sink with our own inner flow and not in tune with our true being.

The transformation that I invite you into is getting back to a deep trust that comes from following your inner rhythm. A trust that comes from getting to know yourself on a very deep level and embracing all parts of you. A trust that allows courage to rise not from being fearless, not even from acting despite of our fears, but from deeply knowing our fears and the strength that we find in ourselves as we face and embrace our fears. The goal is not to reach for something outside of yourself, but to sink more into your being, so that all of you can be present and you can live your life fully. Being who you came here to be and doing what you came here to do.

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