About Eva

My name is Eva Maaike. Ever since I was a child I had a fascination for the sky and the stars. I would look up and wonder about all the planets and constellations up there. Yet it wasn’t until I was about 25 years old that I would actually start to dive into astrology. Life brought me on a different path first.

Since I was a young child I asked myself the big questions about life. Why am I here? What happens after we die? What is life? And what is my purpose in it?
I had this deep intrinsic motivation to walk my own path in life and discover what I came here to do. This led me on quite an adventurous path traveling to many different places in the world and meeting many different people.

But I couldn’t find the fulfillment I was looking for. I sought outside of myself for something to fix the pain I was feeling inside. And health issues that I had been having since a teenager, started to catch up with me. It was when my body really forced me to stop and slow down, that I started to face what I was feeling inside.

During that healing journey I started to look up at the sky again. Seeing how the patterns that the planets went through up there, mirrored the patterns that I went through down here, inside myself.

Through a series of synchronicities I came across the Gene Keys and started to dive into this mystery teaching.
It was this combination of understanding the astrological patterns in the sky fueled by the wisdom of the Gene Keys that accelerated my healing journey.

I started to connect with parts of myself that I had pushed and run away from for a long time. Through tuning into these parts, embracing them and integrating them back into my being, I started to come back into my body and back into my heart.

My vision​

I want to create an opportunity for people to live with an open heart, who embrace all of their being, all of life and share their gifts with the world.

An invitation for people who tune into the world around them, who slow down and discover the mystery and wisdom in all of life around them. Who follow their inner guidance and use the sky and the elements around them to tune into this inner guidance. Not from a place of seeking answers but from a place of inner empowerment.

This is about openness
Being able to hold yourself through pain and hardship
To not collapse when life challenges you, but to receive it as an opportunity to open up even more, receive even more, go to the depths of your being even more.

This is about saying yes to life
Saying yes to whatever comes on your path
The good and the bad
The triumphs and the failures
The trials and the victories
The hardship and the ease
The flow and stagnation

People who live life from this place and who open up to life in this way bring more joy, more understanding and compassion into the world. It is a deep collective healing as every person for themselves opens up their heart.

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